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Service Offering

KurrawongAI has extensive experience in creating Knowledge Graph (SKOS)-based vocabularies, also known as taxonomies, to classify data and objects with.

Many of our vocabulary system establishment projects see us creating vocabularies for clients and then training them to create their own and to govern them (see Data Governance).

Case Study

Vocabulary system establishment for South Australia’s Department for Energy and Mining

This is an example of a common government vocabulary establishment project.

We took Excel spreadsheets of 6 vocabularies of dataset classification terms created by the Department and converted them into SKOS vocabularies.

We also then created 5 other SKOS vocabularies ourselves: several based on external vocabularies, one or two from scratch.

We then created an extension of the VocPub Profile’s vocabulary metadata to publish these 11 vocabularies with extended derivation and governance information.

Finally we established a Prez instance, branded for the Department, that published their vocabularies in both human- and machine-readable form for use by their staff, industry and cataloguing systems.

Use is on-going.

KurrawongAI is able to offer the following vocabulary services:

  • vocabulary training
    • how do I make a SKOS vocab?
    • what is SKOS and what can it do?
    • how do I reuse existing vocabularies, rather than reinventing the wheel?
  • vocabulary creation
    • we can make vocabularies from just about any source information, such as spreadsheets, databases, even emailed lists of things!
  • vocabulary management
    • as per our approach to Data Governance, we can assist you with policy and social infrastructure to manage your vocabularies
  • vocabulary system creation
    • we have been installing vocabulary system tooling for 5 years now and can customise a toolset for you
  • vocabulary analysis
    • we can analyse your vocabularies and implement best practice design
    • even if we don’t know about your domain, we know about vocabulary data and use patterns

Please contact us to find out more about our Vocabulary services!