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Kurrawong AI uses Knowledge Graphs to make data suitable for Artificial Intelligence applications. We are incorporated in Australia but work globally.

We use KGs for data storage, as a transfer format, when serialised, and as inputs to advanced reasoning and data processing tasks, such as Machine Learning.

We model data using the Semantic Web so it’s in the richest, most open and most extensible form data can be.

Current work

Queensland Spatial Information Dataset Redesign

Kurrawong AI has recently (June, 2022) completed modelling the Address and Place Names datasets of Queensland and their relationships to Cadastral information via a FrontierSI consortium with the following, outputs:

  • Queensland Spatial Information Supermodel
    • overarching framework linking the Address & Place Names models to Cadastral data
  • Candidate National Address Model
    • aligns with ICSM Addressing 2035 strategy, national & international models
    • provides graph and relational DB implementations of Qld testing data
    • used by the Linked Data version of the G-NAF soon to be online via a Geoscience Australia Foundational Spatial Data Framework initiative
  • QSI Place Names Model
    • A profile of the ANZ National Address Model and the Place Names Ontology for the representation of Place Names in Queensland

Semantic Web system scaling consulting

Kurrawong AI will provide an analysis of the Semantic Web system’s used by the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) to ensure they can scale to meet growing data and usage demands over July/September, 2022.

TERN are perhaps the most “Semantic Web native” government/educational unit in Australia and to work with them is an honour.


Kurrawong AI can be contracted directly and is on several government panels. Please just contact us to make arrangements.


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