These are the people within KurrawongAI:


Nicholas Car

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Data Architect, Knowledge Graph Specialist

Nicholas worked for a decade in informatics research at Australian universities and government research organisations. His PhD involved decision modelling using Semantic Web ontologies for irrigation.

He has worked in international Semantic Web standards development in the areas of data profiling and spatial data.

Since 2018, Nicholas has worked in the private sector supplying commercial and free open source Knowledge Graph-based products and services.

In 2022, Nicholas founded KurrawongAI to focus on product-independent consulting.

David Habgood

Data Scientist, Knowledge Graph Systems Senior Developer

David is an experienced KG systems developer who configures RDF databases and applications and then uses them to answer difficult questions.

He has considerable Machine Learning experience, including text document processing, and cutting-edge spatial data systems experience, including Discrete Global Grid System implementation.

Edmond Chuc

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Knowledge Graph Senior Developer

Edmond is a software engineer, information modeller and knowledge graph and Semantic Web senior developer.

Edmond started his journey in the area of data integration and interoperability during his time at CSIRO where he worked on web services and reference datasets that underpinned the Location Index project.

He later had the privilege to work as a senior software engineer at TERN, a national research infrastructure funded by NCRIS, where he was given the opportunity to hone his information modelling, data governance, data integration, data exchange and data interoperability skills. Edmond started multiple initiatives at TERN and led a number of projects where he successfully used knowledge graph technologies to integrate disparate ecological field survey data collected from multiple state and federal government and research organisations. Edmond also used knowledge graph technologies to improve data interoperability between services within TERN’s data infrastructure.

Edmond enjoys applying his knowledge and skillset to help organisations improve their data infrastructure and management. He also enjoys developing novel software solutions and services to manage data and knowledge graphs.

Occasional collaborators

Margie Smith

Data Governance Coach

Margie is a data and metadata policy and governance consultant with around 20 years experience in Federal government, mostly in the Departments of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Communications, Human Services, Geoscience Australia and various statutory authorities.

In 2005 - 2015 Margie was instrumental in the establishment and multi-agency adoption of the various ANZLIC spatial data standards.

David Crosswell

Solutions Architect

David is an experienced Solutions Architect and IT project director who has worked for decades in Queensland.

He has first-hand experience with Knowledge Graph-based enterprise data scenarios and currently consults for large finance and resources sector companies.