Our Approach

KurrawongAI provides Knowledge Graph solutions architecture consulting and supports a range of products related to this, some of which are free open source software, some of which we have developed ourselves. We also recommend other parties’ commercial products when they meet client needs: we are not tied to any particular products!

Our aim is to ensure that we provide you with the optimum solution, based on whichever product will best fit the needs of your organisation.

Supported Products

However, we actively support a range of Knowledge Graph-related products: mostly Free and Open Source RDF databases and tools.

The products our team most actively support are:

  • Fuseki (an RDF Graph database)
  • Olis (our in-house developed Graph Management application)
  • Prez (a linked data configurable API, with a separate and customisable UI application)

See our Services Page for more details on how our support services can help your organisation.

Other products that we work with extensively and promote the use of are:

RDF graph databases

  • RDF4J
  • GraphDB
  • RDFLib stores

RDF manipulation & analysis tools

  • Jena
  • RDFLib

Geographic Information Systems

  • QGIS
  • ArcGIS Pro

Data visualisaion

  • PowerBI

Development tools

  • Jupyter Notebooks

Relational databases

  • PostgresDB