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Fuseki is an Apache Software Foundation free and open source product that is part of the Jena RDF framework.

It is a database system that implements the SPARQL Protocol which means you can run Fuseki to expose RDF data.

KurrawongAI has extensive experience in deploying Fuseki for clients. We provide these services for Fuseki:

  • deployment
    • on-prem, in the cloud (Azure, AWS, OpenStack)
  • configuration
    • for large-scale data
    • with text and geospatial indexes
    • to run as a container-based system
    • as an infrastructure managed system
  • operations
    • manage your Fuseki instance for you
    • support your own team in managing a Fuseki instance
    • provision of data for use in Fuseki
  • training
    • provide training for your staff to understand and manage Fuseki instances
  • interoperability
    • develop systems to utilise data stored in Fuseki
    • adapt existing systems to operate with data from Fuseki
      e.g. ArcGIS, PowerBI, Jupyter Notebooks, websites
  • extension
    • implementation of custom Fuseki/Jena extensions
      we currently are working on a Discrete Global Grid System spatial index for Fuseki-held data

Please contact us for Fuseki support!