These are KurrawongAI’s projects, current and recent:


TERN Triplestore Scaling

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) is a measures terrestrial ecosystem attributes over time from continental scale to field sites at hundreds of locations throughout Australia and provide open, model-ready data that enables researchers to detect and interpret changes in land ecosystems.

This project aims to prove that a triplestore can be used for TERN’s central scientific data holdings which are already in Web Ontology Language (OWL) form but are currently not housed in one system.

Vocabulary system establishment for South Australia’s Department for Energy and Mining

This is an example of a common government vocabulary establishment project.

We took Excel spreadsheets of 6 vocabularies of dataset classification terms created by the Department and converted them to SKOS vocabularies.

We also then creates 5 other SKOS vocabularies ourselves: several based on external vocabularies, one or two from scratch.

We then created an extension of the VocPub Profile’s vocabulary metadata to publish these 11 vocabularies with extended derivation and governance information.

Finally we established a Prez instance, branded for the Department, that published their vocabularies in both human- and machine-readable form for use by their staff, industry and cataloguing systems.

Use is ongoing and we continue to work on vocabulary and external system integration.

Direct Consulting

KurrawongAI staff are currently working on several projects that require direct consulting about Knowledge Graph systems and know-how to clients. These are internal projects and can’t be listed here! Call us for details…


National Candidate Address Model

This project developed a candidate national address model for Australia and New Zealand, based on the ANZ ICSM Address Strategy 2035.

The model is an OWL model and it has been test implemented in both RDF and non-RDF (relational) systems.