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KurrawongAI is extremely experienced with the creation and implementation of Knowledge Graphs, including OWL / Semantic Web data modelling.

Case Study

Address Model for ANZ

This is an example of an OWL modelling and implementation project.

KurrawongAI responded to a request to implement a new Addresses data model for the Queensland government that catered for future address data requirements, as specified in the ICSM Addressing 2035 strategy.

In 2022 we produced an OWL model of address information derived from the Geocoded National Address file relational model and an OWL version of the ISO 19160 international address model that KurrawongAI staff developed during 2017 while at CSIRO.

We implemented example data for this model within a Knowledge Graph system (Fuseki) and also a relational system (Postgres) to demonstrate the models competence.

The work was well received by the client - the Queensland Department of Resources as evidenced by follow-on Solutions Architecture work in 2023 that designs the systems needed to implement this model in production.

We offer the following Knowledge Graph data modelling services:

  • domain-specific data modelling
    • we’ve modelled in many domains, such as archiving, environmental science, spatial data and data provenance
    • we are able to pair up with your domain experts and develop models with them
  • enterprise data modelling
    • so-called “Supermodel” modelling whereby we model a broad scenario’s requirements as a data model
    • Supermodels are compartmentalised allowing for staged implementation
  • model skill demonstration
    • query-based competency testing of models
    • demonstrate the power of Knowledge Graph models
  • example data generation
    • we can hand-make data to assist with model demonstration for specific scenarios
  • data transform
    • from existing systems to new Knowledge Graph models
    • see more about our Knowledge Graph Tools service offering

Please contact us to find out more about our Data Modelling services!