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We have several staff who have been long-time developers of the open source RDFLib Python RDF manipulation toolkit, including Nicholas and Edmond who are RDFLib maintainers. We use it to convert non-KG data into RDF for loading into graph databases. We also know well and use the Jena framework’s tools for this.

In addition to these tools, we maintain an RDF conversion and validation tool based on RDFLib, imaginatively titled RDFTools.

Both RDFLib and Jena tools can be used as libraries within scripts and workflows to generate RDF data from non-RDF sources, such as relational databases, spatial data files and so on. We have many instances of custom data pipelines that we’ve developed to create and update RDF data using these tools.

We also maintain a series of RDFLib-derived tools, such as pyLODE and VocExcel.

We offer the following Knowledge Graph tooling services:

  • creation and application of RDFLib and Jena-based tooling
    • if you need a custom script or program to create or manipulate Knowledge Graph data, we can likely build a suitable solution using RDFLib or Jena
  • custom product creation
    • if we find that a custom script or program is highly reusable, we can package that up for you as a custom product

(This is what has happened with RDFtools; we made this and a customer realised they would benefit from their own in-house copy of it, tailored to their needs.)

  • supported use of pySHACL, pyLODE RDFTools & VocExcel
    • we’ve developed these tools and are happy to assist you with their use

Knowledge Graph tooling deployments are usually one-off things. Please contact us for a quote for your needs!